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A Bolt Driver Pulled His Penis Out — A Man Blames The Woman’s Outfit

Twitter poster uploads a video of a man masturbating while driving a female passenger

TB Obwoge
3 min readSep 15, 2022

I was scrolling per my normal as I was tending to my nonprofit’s public Twitter page. I came across a Ghanian influencer’s TL, there I saw a video covered with a warning. I click through the warning to see a Ghanian woman posting her video of the Bolt driver (Bolt Taxify foreign share ride company like Uber). He was rubbing his penis openly in front of the woman smiling as he was driving, she was holding her phone in a way to conceal it.

NOTE: The video below has an age lock warning and shows nudity you can skip this link — Trauma warning!

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The man had praised her several times for her appearance, there is a woman narrating the video. Warning future women passengers about this driver. She explains what he said to the woman prior to pulling out his penis. Many added their comments under the post, one man said, don’t judge the driver because you can’t see the outfit that the lady is wearing.

This comes just weeks after I wrote about Ghanians calling out the “Rape Culture”, that is rampant in Ghana. It’s not only Ghana, not only Africa, not only India, it’s South Korea, America, it’s the UK, it’s the world! Women are bothered by men’s street harassment all over the world.



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