Africa — DreadLocks — Rastafarianism — Wee’ (D) — Appropriation

Why is there such a misunderstanding and hatred for dreadlocks, Rastafarianism and weed in America & African countries

TB Obwoge
8 min readAug 6, 2022


As I look down to make sure my foot doesn’t step into a gutter or a hole in the poorly paved Accra road, I hear him call towards me, “Goddess!” I scan the road to find this happy faced, short man with neat hair, he offers me his services for my locs (dreadlocks). I thank him but refuse as I don’t let anyone touch my hair so I do it myself.

Ghanians call weed, Wee without the D. I was going to insert some perverted joke but I’ll let the reader do so.

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I don’t call them dreadlocks or dreads as there is nothing dreadful about them. My hair is stronger this way, my body moves with power & confidence. It is illegal in all but 52 African nations to wear my hair this way. Even the United States Supreme Court agrees that I deserve to be discriminated against because of my hair style.

Birth of a Rasta —

It had always annoyed me when my Kenyan in-laws referred to anyone with dreadlocks as a Rasta. I would correct them, saying it is just a hairstyle. Charles would never stop though, possibly to annoy the Hell out of me. Charles Ombongi was the first cousin to my husband Wyckliffe whom I call Lee. Charles is a biochemical major graduate, living in Kenya who’s never left the borders of the country, he speaks 5 local languages, as well as English. He is very intelligent yet Africa only taught him so much about religion.

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One day I decided to learn about Rastafarianism, I started with my first book The Wise Mind of Emperor Haile Sellassie I. I wanted to know all I could about this ‘thing’ I was always being called on the African continent. Especially in Kenya where they were just a few short years ago illegal to wear your hair in dreadlocks.

When I started to learn of the principals of the movement, really it is more than a…



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