Africa’s Rising Suicide & Mental Health Issues Continue to be Ignored!

TB Obwoge
7 min readOct 26, 2023

Thursday, 26 October 2023

By: TB Obwoge Twitter X @LaceysHouseAfr

Several agencies have highlighted the need for serious reforms where mental health is concerned. The African Union, the World Health Organization and several agencies at the government level in various African countries. It seems as though no ones listening.

I was amazed when I went to Twitter to notice that one African Twitter X users had no idea that the African continent had to highest suicide rate.

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Six out of ten countries are in Africa. No matter which source you quote, the countries change silently but it always includes 5 to 6 countries in Africa within the top ten with highest suicide rates.

1 Lesotho 72.40 5.17

2 Guyana 40.29 5.15

3 Eswatini 29.4 3.87

4 South Korea 28.6 2.64

5 Federated States of Micronesia 28.2 2.87

6 Lithuania 26.1 5.42

7 Suriname 25.4 5.09

8 Russia 25.1 3.91

9 South Africa 23.5 4.45

10 Ukraine 21.6 5.25

Source: Ceo world biz

Created by the Author Lacey’s House

From an article by the United Nations on 6 October, 2022, where they announced that they were launching a campaign to bring awareness about the suicide rates in Africa. It’s been a year since the United Nations started to push awareness.

With all the issues and conflicts taking place in the world today, it appears even the United Nations has abandoned the call for mental health on the African continent.

I lost my brother-in-law to suicide, I struggle everyday with mental health and passive suicidal thoughts.

Make suicide prevention in Africa a priority, UN health agency urges governments

Did you know that Africa has the highest suicide rate in the world? To reverse that



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