Would you teach your child wrongly on purpose, who’s teaching these mass shooters

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One of my all time favorite actors ever to live is Javier Bardem. I used to once dream of having this man’s bath water with a meal. I mean not really but I would love to run my hands through it before it was discarded. This movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen, though as you can see I’m partial to Bardem.

I’ve even often asked myself would you teach your children the wrong things on purpose. I don’t know why this question always captivated me. Yet here we are in a world where people actually teach their children wrongly. For example I once watched a 13' something year old girl make a YouTube video telling people to learn to speak American. Surely I thought she was joking but turns out she was so serious. She thought there was a language called “American”.

The same thing with the people teach their children all over the world poor English. English is the official language in many countries, except the United States of America. Many people aren’t taught proper English even if they are taught the British English. Many can’t speak it properly being they weren’t taught correctly. Leaving many to fail basic British English exams.

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Better yet who taught Payton Gendron, Nikolas Cruz, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, and all the rest? Who taught them? Someone let them go on in life learning the wrong things, how could no one know this. How can you not see this pure evil within your own child? All these questions and more come to mind. Especially these young, hateful racists.

What were they taught, clearly gun lessons were taught to them but why?

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Surely you have to know that you’re raising a racist or anger filled young man. How could an 18 year old live in your home with such hatred and rage. What did these parents teach him. Why are they even doing this. Rage and testosterone filled White males are killing so many innocent people. There are even Black male mass shooters in on the brutality. What are they being fed from the world? From their parents, those first teachers you encounter in your life.

I’m too exhausted to write on this any more!

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