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Black African & Black American Men Have Been Verbally, Physically & Cyber Attacking Their Own Women

Level of education doesn’t even seem to matter any more male haters are growing

TB Obwoge
8 min readApr 3

Monday, 3 April 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Some might want to argue with me when I say toxic masculinity has always lived in Africa. Men have admitted that they were taught by their mother & grandmothers to beat their wives. Click the link to hear their own words in the 2022 BBC News documentary filmed in Kenya about gender-based violence. (domestic violence)

A Ghanian-American said she had a busted lip while reporting her assault to the police. Even with a female officer present, who proclaimed, “that’s a domestic issue!” As they were refusing to add it, her report of being robbed and beaten by a man she had known.

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Cyber bullying of women has increased over the years, especially as technology & new social media platforms continue rollout. Women aren’t safe even in the comfort of their own homes.

The UN Women is pushing for equality in computer technology, they want more women to have access to the internet. Which will increase the danger for millions of women & girls worldwide to be on the receiving end of stalking, bullying and harassment.

Women & girls who will have no idea how brutal, aggressive and threatening men have become online.

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Source: BroadbandSearch.netCyberBullying

According to the above web-side over 60% of teens reported experienced some form of cyber bullying. As well as 70% have reported someone spreading rumors about them online. With 95% of teens being connected to the internet and 85% of them using social media.

These are for more developed countries. However having lived in 2 African countries there are more and more teens getting access to social media.



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