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Black Americans Now Add Another Thing You Can’t Do In America Send Your Child To Take Out The Trash

America is frustrating and it’s getting worse not better

TB Obwoge
2 min readAug 12

Saturday, 12 August 2023

By: TB Obwoge

If one person comments, “Go Back To Africa!” I will fucking explode, I tried that, I’ve heard so many reasons why Black Americans are not Black. Or that Black Americans are thugs and criminals, or you aren’t Black because your skin is light, or you aren’t Black because you were not born in Africa!

Please don’t come with that comment, there are also millions of people who are not citizens in an African country.

It’s costly living in another country without being a citizen, also being considered white, American or other, prices are not the same for you!

This 13-year old boy was told to take out the trash by his father, he was grabbed up by police in Minnesota, hand cuffed and placed in the back of a police car.

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Please note, look at the boys shoes, he clearly couldn’t have run any place with them on.

These police claim that they were chasing someone that ran into an apartment complex, however this officer wasn’t. He said that he looked like the person on some video, why not show the video? Why not share the description that they were given? What if the boy’s father wasn’t home?

This could have gone so wrong, now people have to watch their children take the trash outside? How can this boy ever feel safe taking the damn trash out again? Again this is in Minnesota, where a large amount of Africans live, the man in the video has a Caribbean accent too. Why are the police so quick to handcuff Black people’s children?

I hate America so much, where can WE go and not have to deal with skin color? I wish I knew!

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