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Black Male Suicides Rising In America And Across Africa

Within Black American and African communities mental health is looked at as something you don’t talk about

TB Obwoge
6 min readFeb 16, 2022

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

By: TB Obwoge

My brother-in-law from a marriage my husband rubber-bands back & forth to between he & I. In late 2016 I met my now Kenyan husband (whom has never been outside of Kenya in his life)

Authors Photo my Brother-In-Law in Nairobi, Kenya

I arrived in Kenya to meet his family a year an a half later, when I met the young Wilson O. Ogenche he was freshly enrolled in school at the University of Nairobi attempting a teaching degree like his father & my husband his second eldest brother.

Wilson was very handsome photos do him no justice, he stood at six feet tall, soft spoken and well behaved. I took joy in speaking to him, he was shy with his English, fearful as I was his first experience as an American friend. His brother spoke for him often times yet he felt better texting me through WhatsApp.

I sent him money as much as I could until he started drinking a lot for some reason, he stopped talking. He would even drink this local brew made in the village that I was told was very strong and not to good for you.

After my marriage to his brother went south my husband started cheating. Then having long term relationships with other women, yet he spoke with me as if he was being a faithful husband searching for employment asking me to move back to Kenya to be with him. My husband forced his brother Wilson to lie for him as much as possible.

In July of 2021 the family lost their mother Dorris to a sudden death that hit the youngest very hard along with many others issues with school as well as financial issues.

Wilson as well as Wyckliffe Ogenche took the death very hard as their mother was their biggest supporter as well as motivator. After her death my husband started to reach out to me asking me about my return to Kenya unknown to me was the pain that the young Wilson was dealing with.

Wilson at 23 years old drank poison in early December 2021 five



TB Obwoge

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