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“Blacks Benefited From Slavery!” Why Many Think This Even Some Africans

Reflect on the mentality behind these comments and humanity

TB Obwoge
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Friday, 28 July 2023 (Published Friday, 15 September 2023)

By: TB Obwoge

“Where would I be?” Who would I be?” Would I still have the same morals?” Would the same things affect my way of thinking?” *NOTE there is an affiliate link in the article, it’s a Tweet at the bottom, if you purchase a tee shirt or hoodie a portion would be donated to Lacey’s House nonprofit for gender equality and children’s rights.

No one really reads what I write, I don’t even make enough money to survive these days. I have no one, I have not one friend, I have not one person to call in an emergency.

I’m alone and after being forced back from Africa because of health and the sorry ass state of corruption, crime, scamming and racism, yes racism. Ghanians never let me move without mentioning skin color, I’m the white woman, no matter where I went.

I’ve wondered who would I be often, after living in Kenya and Ghana. Why? Because of the things I’ve seen and heard, that made me cry, that made me angry, that made me happy.

There is a level of brutality all over the world, we see people being murdered in America everyday. Police brutality, it’s every where, recently 7 people in Kenya died by police bullets, one young man shot 9 times. It was during the current protests in Kenya.

Created by the Author in CANVA

Once watching children ride their bikes on an unpaved rocky road, next to a cliff with which was more than a 50-foot drop, I was scared, I said “be careful!” Kwabena laughed so hard at me, I was so nervous.

He thought that I was so funny, he then made these atypical comments about being an American. He said they’re used to this, they’ve been doing this all their lives. I saw his comment false, I can prove it but didn’t want to argue.

You and I know damn well that these children had not been riding bikes all their lives, they were from 3-years-old to about 12-years-old. The older ones, ferried the younger ones on their bikes, at times there were up…



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