Can We Discuss Urinating Outside

Many will argue it saves water and is great for the environment as well what do you think?

TB Obwoge
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Sitting in my tiny apartment in the East Legon section of Accra, Ghana. I was with my ex and his cousin & brother, when the cousin got up to follow us outside. I asked my then man where his cousin was off to as he went around to the side of the building. He replied, “Oh he needs to use the bathroom!” A bit bewildered as to why he walked past the bathroom inside of my place, to go outside to relieve himself.

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It happens here a lot, next door to me there is a bar, many of the men walk outside to urinate outside. It happens during the daylight or night time as well. When it is in rainy season no problem, when it is hot and out of rain season you can’t help but smell the stench of hot piss. It lingers all day long, you watch where you walk and step, every puddle of water isn’t water.

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A few years ago a read an article about how people urinating in the shower was great for the environment. How it saved on water. It was a useful thing to do, that same ex (thank God he’s an ex) would also go to my bathroom and urinate in my shower. He wasn’t taking a shower, he would stand on the ledge of the shower to piss inside of my shower stall.

My reply would always be thank you, as I cleaned my shower by hand and it was always fun cleaning his urine out of it before using it serval times a day. Here I take more than one shower a day, the soil gets onto your legs and feet and sticks. Your face has to be washed often as well, I carry wipes or small alcohol pads in my bag.

What do you think about urinating outside, please share your thoughts?

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