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Canadian Wildfires Choking NorthEastern United States Tips For Those With Breathing Issues

It’s the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life and I’ve finally given in to the AC

TB Obwoge
2 min readJun 7

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Burning eyes, itching eyes, added sinus infection, the air seems thick, every moment appears as if it’ll rain. Wishing it would right about now, the constant smell of smoke is more than you can bare.

I’m located over 8 hours and 431 miles away from the Canadian border, there is a perfect storm of smoke and haze. The air has finally become unbreathable for most.

Trying to avoid the nightmare of all the dreaded high electricity bill, it’s time to turn to the air conditioners.

Author Created Collage of the sky in PA

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Across the region, iconic sights were obscured by smoke from wildfires burning in Canada that blew south into the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Late Wednesday morning there was a lull in the smoke, but more is expected to blow our way again and these winds will likely continue through the week.

At the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Wednesday morning, a runner who came all the way from Sacramento, California, was surprised at the air quality.

“I was surprised when I smelled this fire in the air, and these conditions for running aren’t ideal,” Charles Amey said. “I was definitely surprised, I feel like it’s just like California … we get a lot of wildfires coming down. This is coming from Canada? Pretty eerily similar.”

Source: CBS News

These tips are from a California news station, there are no evacuations in the US from Canadian wildfires but these are some things that might make breathing easier. Graduation season is also in full effect currently, with most planned…



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