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Did You Know South Sudan Government is Angry Over Wrong Flag Colors & Issued Warnings?

The government issued a strong warning & wants everyone to take note

TB Obwoge
4 min readOct 22, 2023


Saturday, 21 October 2023

By: TB Obwoge

South Sudan government officials were tired of seeing the wrong flag colors displayed even by people in the country. They issued a warning before telling agencies and printing companies to stop using the wrong colors of their flag.

See the triangle on the flag isn’t supposed to be dark or navy blue, it’s supposed to be sky blue. However when you’re looking to buy or even use the image of their flag it’s very hard to find it with the correct shade of blue.

Created Using CANVA

The Canva application that many people use for photos doesn’t have the corrected color of the South Sudan flag. This makes it very hard to use their app when making anything that one might need to incorporate the flag of South Sudan.

I wrote about this long ago but on another platform, however I’ve noticed that many people are still using the wrong flag and are refusing to locate the correct colors. Here is the article from Number One Citizen news paper in South Sudan.

Gov’t issues stern warning on wrong flag

South Sudan Media Authority has issued warning against printing of any flag that doesn’t conform to the national symbol.

The stringent warning was directed to media houses, advertising agencies, and printing companies to immediately cease printing what doesn’t reflect South Sudan national flag.

Media Authority’s managing director, Elijah Alier Kuai, on Friday, endorsed memorandum, prohibiting publication and circulation of wrong version of national flag.

According to the media authority warning, those who fail to comply are liable to face penalties.

The media authority observed with concern that printing and circulation of the different versions of the country’s national flag exists both within and at some diplomatic missions abroad.

The national flag approved for public…



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