Elon Musk Proves Money Can’t Buy Personality — When All Else Fails Join The Bullies Because You’re Miserable

Elon Musk seems to have a sad, miserable lonely fucked life

TB Obwoge


Tuesday, 2 November 2022

By: TB Obwoge

Anyone that admires a grown man who behaves like a petulant child is a sick human being. The same way people call Kanye West a genius, I’ve never in my life heard music from Kanye that moved me to remember a title of any of his songs. Elon’s money that is used to pay people to create electronic toys doesn’t make him an honorable human being either. His legacy outside of work is pretty much shit.

Justin Pacheco, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Living around Africans I can’t get away from how much so many admire Musk. Not even caring that he’s an African that doesn’t give a shit about Africans, many wealthy Africans don’t do a damn thing for the continent but shit on it.

Walking across the parking lot wearing a shirt I made myself, it proclaimed that “Blackness comes in many shades”, I hear a voice from a table in East Legon, outside the Honey Suckle Restaurant that says to me, there’s no dark skinned Blacks on your shirt. It was, it was mostly dark skinned women, shitty printing company but they were dark. I stood by his table and spoke to him, he had a different accent, he tells me he had left Ghana, was Ghanian yet living in New Jersey (America).

He told me he owned a business here in Ghana, I said being facetious, “ooh you came back here to exploit and under pay your fellow Ghanians?” To my surprise he replied, “Better me than the White man!”From there I was done with the conversation, he’s not the only one I’ve met with that attitude.

A man from The Gambia said he was going to start collecting donated American clothing to sell in The Gambia. Another man collects free book bags for children, saying he’s giving them away for free in Sierra Leon, he collects them from the residents in my mother’s fancy apartment complex.

I’ve seen bins of school bags in Ghana come round the dusty, unpaved roads, I asked were these free, because they were clearly used. Dabi, these are for sale! They come around often selling them, Kwame tells me. Had this guy from Sierra Leon been selling those…



TB Obwoge

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