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Mosquitoes seem to be ignoring my repellant, which are the best brands for South East Asia & African countries?

TB Obwoge
3 min readJun 17, 2022


I have no scientific evidence on those like myself living with the sickle cell trait as far as malaria contraction is concerned. I’ve had several bad reactions to taking anti-malaria pills in the past visiting Kenya. When I moved to Kenya I refused to take the pills. I’ve always seemed to attract a lot of those little buggers, mosquitoes will land all over my body.

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Once in Kenya I had so many bites that it looked as if I had been in a brutal battle for my life. The bites were all over the entire left side of my body from ankle all the way up beyond my hip. Over the years I’ve purchased several different brands or repellent.

Some of the major brands in the US haven’t seemed to help me with getting rid of the tiny, terrors. Off and Repel Max haven’t even managed to put a dent in the constant bites I receive.

Dengue fever has reemerged with what some experts are calling a new strain. This strain is wreaking havoc on Singapore at the moment. With a large number of cases that have already surpassed previous years totals. Dengue fever is a viral disease of the tropics, transmitted by mosquitoes. It causes sudden fever as well as acute pains in the joints.

According to the CDC almost 400 million people a year contract dengue fever, severe cases of the disease cause 40,000 deaths a year. So far there is no evidence whether or not this new strain is going to cause an increased death rate.

This has lead me to the quest for the best mosquito repellants.

Off brand — is listed as the best brand on many of my searches, however I find that it hasn’t been the best in African countries.

Ben’s 30% Deet wipes — A brand I might add that I’ve never tried. When I did attempt to order this one I was unable to find a seller that had any in stock at the time.

Sawyer Products 20% Insect Repellent — listed on a CBS news page as a good repellent even though I’ve never tested it before.



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