Expats: Life Is Hard Many Haven’t Experienced What You Have

I have to become more compassionate God is trying to mold me

TB Obwoge
4 min readJun 1, 2022


I always blame my harsh upbringing, along with my very abrasive parents and toxic mother. I have to apologize for my attitude because it has been harsh. I’m even more bitter these days because I’m all alone, no family and no one I consider a friend.

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Living in African countries you will learn a lot. It will be good to change your perspective but as a person thats worked with children for 25 years. I really need to change. I have so much compassion for children not knowing or doing right, yet none for adults.

I’ve got zero tolerance for uneducated adults. I have been infuriated with watching and listening to some of the things I’ve heard that people say or believe. I have got to start meeting them where they are! Or I’ll alienate a lot of people especially myself. Education is poor even in parts of the United States especially don’t get me started on the worst state for education in America.

I used to get mad blaming these countries governments. Then angry at the people for not knowing any better, for being on social media yet not reading news articles. Or for chatting on WhatsApp yet not reading a book in their free time. Not everyone has access to books or the money to buy them. Many work long hours with only one day off a week.

But I’ve got to let that go for real.

I had an encounter where I called someone a, “dumb ass!” I know I’ve done this in the past when talking to a friend or even when my daughter and I would speak crudely to one another just joking the way we only did. Example, if she was about to spill the tea (gossip) on someone she might start out like, “Bitch let me tell you….!” No, I didn’t care or get offended. No, I never told her to stop because I’ve done the same too in the past.

Well he was a bit off, he smoked something he probably shouldn’t have. It was a vape with THC in the cart. He was hungry and munching on everything he could get too in my tiny apartment. He asked for a Snickers bar, they have these two packs here for like 9 cedis (that is way to much for most Ghanians to pay). The dollar is about $1 USD to 7.5 Cedis here…



TB Obwoge

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