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Ghana: Africa for sale!

Much of the prime & most beautiful land in Ghana is being sold by the government

TB Obwoge
6 min readJul 16, 2021

Written July, 2021 edited 29 December 2022

By: Tb Obwoge

In 1876 the area of Greater Accra named Jamestown (Usshertown) replaced the Cape Coast as the Gold Capital during the British colonization. Jamestown & Usshertown remain the oldest districts in Accra, mainly inhabited by the Ga tribe. Known for a fishing port, old boxing ring this area holds to this day some of the oldest traditions that are Ghana.

Authors Photo Next to the light hiuse in Jamestoan Accra, Ghana (TB Obwoge)

On a stroll you can see the light house, a traditional Vudu ceremony as well as the fishing pier. The area is also home to many festivals. However in June of 2021 there was a violent daylight robbery attempt & shooting of a police officer. Tensions in the area are high as Ghana brokered a terrible deal with the Chinese government selling the pier.

The Chinese have closed the pier and no one is allowed to go there. The construction has stopped leaving an ugly eye sore in it’s place.

Authors Photo What China Wants to change the Pier in Jamestown to (TB Obwoge)

Like many of the African governments has done in resent years selling land to China or defaulting on loans from China and losing land. There was a sign erected at the peer showing some of the plans that the Chinese developers have for the land which looks nothing like the current historic area.

Even though Jamestown could use some reconstruction it would be nice had the African Ghanaian coalition been in charge of handling that site. Instead of selling the entire pier to China. Anyone whom has ever visited Ghana or any African country can’t help but notice the large population of Chinese living there.

Authors Photo (TB Obwoge) Accra, Ghana)

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