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Ghana: As Prices Rise So Does Violent Crime

The self-proclaimed most peaceful people in Africa are showing that hard times increase violence within the West African Nation

TB Obwoge
6 min readAug 16, 2022

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

By: TB Obwoge

Ghana was rocked with over 300% increase on food items, along with rising fuel prices, housing and other commodities. Crime went up over 40% from January 2022, now there are even more instances of crime August 2022.

From Ghana Police Public Twitter Account

Ghanians are ignoring the more frequent instances of petty robbery, women getting their handbags snatched as well as cellphone snatching. Soon they’ll have to do as Kenya & start disabling stolen cellphones & tracking sellers of used (stolen) cellphones.

Screenshot from UTV Ghana News Public Facebook Page

The news in Ghana greeted citizens and residents to fresh new robberies and deaths this morning. Millions of Ghanians are facing hunger and some 3.2 million starvation. The countries divided, angry and looking for someone to blame, the Russian Embassy in Ghana issued a strong and what I feel is threatening warning to the Ghana media & government about blaming their war on higher prices.



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