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Ghana Is Extremely Xenophobic & Pushing For More Black Americans To Immigrate To The Country

If you can ignore extreme hatred, colorism and corruption go for it

TB Obwoge
4 min readSep 30, 2022

Friday, 30 September 2022

By: TB Obwoge

Because you’re Black you think, oh well Africa is the place for me to be so you make the leap. There are some African countries not as colorist or corrupt as Ghana. You will have to learn to ignore a lot in Ghana, first thing that is extremely hard to ignore are all the street children.

After two years I did learn to stop looking out the car window because I’m not built to see babies sleeping on the streets, ignored, hungry or naked.

screenshot from UTV News Ghana

Being stopped by the police and immigration riding with someone makes me angry to no end. Especially when your country is supposed to be on high alert for suspected terrorism but please stop my friends and make them pay you money. Carrying your passport in any country is a no-no don’t do it yet in Ghana if you’re a Black American (you are not Black) they will ask you for your passport.

When you live in a country you don’t carry it they don’t seem to understand that it isn’t normal.

Again if this was happening in America or the UK this would be called HATE and racism but since it’s Ghana it is ignored and they are exempt from their hatred!

They ask for your passport to check the date it was stamped to see if you’ve over-stayed, then they will ask you for money if you have. Giving them money is worthless they are just taking it from you and aren’t going to extend your stamp.

Your residency permit will be inside your passport but it is not your job to carry it every place you go. However the way they are pushing immigration to single out foreigners you will have to…



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