Ghana: What I Learned About Life In Africa For Children From Pets

Sadly, I learned I’ll probably never fit in here ever. That is alright with me as I give the respect that I would like to receive.

TB Obwoge
8 min readJan 3, 2021


Sunday, 3 January 2021

By: TB Obwoge

From my broad shoulders for a large (fat) woman, to my many tattoos covering 55% of my uncovered skin. Things that have followed me from every country, I’ve been to or through which has been fine.

From Kenya, to Canada, London to South Korea breezing through Germany & Belgium of course I’m different!

Somethings I can’t control, some body modifications I know are different & don’t expect them to be widely accepted. Even in America my dreadlocks aren’t legally acceptable as the Supreme Court ruled I can be fired for having them in my hair, as well as discriminated for having tattoos that show.

In some countries where it’s illegal because I have a tattoo of a Buddha on my left hand & I don’t actually know the punishment. I was just told if I go to these countries I would need to cover it!

My broad shoulders can’t be changed, neither the fact that my skin is light, many Africans refuse to let me be considered a Black American which I actually am. I’m called “obroni” (Fante & Akon slang for White person) I’m harassed as being White & wealthy whenever I go any place in Ghana. (despite having no employment or income in either America or Ghana)

With a DNA result of 74% African, with a large portion from Nigeria & Cameroon (Also in West Africa) I’m robbed of my Blackness because I am not “dark enough” for them to give me that respect.

To escape the racism & hatred of America, only to land on the shores of a place that feels so much like home. Yet I’m also feeling un-welcomed & unwanted.

It breaks my heart, yet my physical differences it’s become a case of a totally different mentality & emotions too!

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I’ve been watching, for two months the treatment of house pets, this has shown me all I need to know about the treatment I’ve been receiving.



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