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“Go Back To Africa!” Why We Can’t The Case For Reparations Now

Number one we were robbed of that experience & now being robbed of acceptance

TB Obwoge
7 min readJul 27, 2021

I know many Black people who are into African things but haven’t taken the trip to the continent. Those who have rarely would think of making the move to Africa. Being a tourist in any country is very much different than being a resident or an ‘Natural born & raised African’. Most would never give up their American citizenship in exchange for being an African citizen.

I cut no corners I tell no lies I will take you on a journey of my love & life of being unaccepted in Africa. (hate for sexism, homophobia, misogyny, colorism, tribalism & corruption) As a light skin Black American who loses their Blackness on the continent of Africa.

Let’s unpack this colorism in many African countries it’s as brutal as colorists in America. Where other Blacks used to call my momma “High Yellow”, this is a hateful term with the “high” meaning stuck up, self centered or uppity. The “Yellow” means exactly what it says, skin that ain’t dark enough to be Black, yet for Whites it ain’t White enough either.

My momma was one of the first Black children to attend St John of the Cross Elementary School, in Roslyn, Pennsylvania. The teacher announced before she arrived that they were getting a new negro student. Below is a photo of my mother at her confirmation at that same school where she was brutally harassed and bullied for being Black (good ole Catholic racism saving for another article).

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I have always wanted like my momma, to have the deepest darkest skin, I want it even to this day to be so Black that I command attention. However I’m not. I do however get much attention living in Greater Accra, Ghana. I can’t walk more than two steps without all eyes being on me, I trip on these unpaved, rocky roads, its embarrassing so much for hoping no one saw that because they did.



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