Hey Karen Shut The Fuck Up & Stop Comparing Every Country To America!

Why are you an expat that has to compare your country to the US, why don’t you go back to America?

TB Obwoge
5 min readAug 11, 2022

By: TB Obwoge

Sadly I recently came across a trash ass article, where I thought once again I would learn something informative. Kinda like the ‘Look How Much Money I Make On Medium’ articles that people love to post without any fucking substance.

I’ve lived in 2 countries 3 counting the United States, I didn’t write much about Kenya, I will soon. But the things I wrote about Ghana were telling of things no one should have to experience.

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A country I wouldn’t want my daughter to live in is Ghana so I would never suggest it to anyone else. Safety reasons, corruption, violence, no police justice, scamming, sexual assault and blatant outright insulting name calling daily. Human rights violations, slavery that is well known by the government yet nothing is done, women treated poorly, romance schemes and a they want to start a horrible LGTBQI law.

This Karen though took to comparing every aspect of Trinidad to the United States, wait she really did this and didn’t see any problems with it. Trinidad this country of mostly African descendants, where this White American Karen decided to move. Her article was so bad you’d think she didn’t know that Trinidad is a tropical island, did she do any research before moving?

#1 She complained about cold showers —

Please let me explain this dumb shit, this island is tropical (hot) and she complained about cold showers. So here we have it the same with the African countries I’ve lived in there is no one central water heater. Many if not all American homes have a water heater, my small apartment in the states had a tiny water heater in a crawl space in the wall near the bathroom.

In many countries they attach water heaters to the walls in showers or in kitchens, I’ve rarely seen this in any African country I lived in. Mostly they’re in the showers. You have to flip a usually red switch like a light switch and turn the heater on. Here are some examples of heaters I wanted to buy on Jiji website below.



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