Kenya News: Weekly Wrap — Up Has Been Posted In 2 Parts This Week

Because of an extensive amount of political news as well as other stories I’ve had to make a 2 part wrap-up

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The Kenyan government is preparing for August elections, there are several shake-ups among the candidates. Sonko is still fighting to be placed on the ballot for Mombasa. Wajackoyah continues to make news as Kenyans don’t take him very seriously. The parties are still fractured.

As the government believes there will be election day violence.

screenshot from The Standard Public Instagram Page

Another police officer completed suicide. Kenyans are questioning the vetting process that hires officers. Mental health checks being preformed are in question.

The EastAfrican BLOC sends troops into the DRC to calm tensions. Rwanda and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) are exchanging strong words as well as threats of genocide. Members of the BLOC are asking each country to control their rhetoric as Rwanda may be refusing to send in troops to assist. The UN has found proof that militants possibly with ties to the Rwanda genocide are involved with fighting in the DRC.

A serial killer is targeting women. What to look out for.

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