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From my book ‘When I Couldn’t Sleep’ written a few years ago. 🚨*Trigger Warning* 🚨Child abuse mentioned emotional abuse.

TB Obwoge
5 min readApr 8, 2022


When I was in about first grade, maybe even younger than that my mom started beating my sister & me. I don’t mean the kind of beating one receives from being a child that misbehaves, like not cleaning your room or saying swear words….but hitting us with her fists for just being born!

She drank a lot, it started out a little but in no time it became very bad. One night the beating was so severe my sister’s eyes were swollen shut, her entire face was one large bruise.

I had my head banged against the bath tub & the toilet as I was forced to lick up the fresh vomit that had just come from my body. It was still warm & smelled so terrible I thought I would vomit again just from the smell of it.

See I was forced to drink from a bottle of my mom’s liquor, she was drinking it then said it cured everything. Even though it was over thirty-seven years ago I remember it was a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

It hurt my chest so badly that I tried to run away, I felt the vomit coming but she was holding me while forcing the bottle into my mouth, almost down my throat. When I finally broke away, I reached the bathroom but before I could get to the toilet it exploded from my body. Landing on the seat, the floor and the side of the tub.

My sister was separated from me, mommy took her into the bedroom. After beating my head against the tub, pushing my face into the vomit and waiting for me to lick some up she went to my sister, where she beat her in the face until she passed out than she beat her some more.

The blood splatter remained on the wall for some time afterwards. My mom was a monster & still to this day at the age of sixty- three years old she remains the scariest devil I have ever known.

She (My Mother) hates my entire existence, she thinks it’s funny to tell how she wanted to abort me however my father said I would be company for my sister. The beatings got worse and lasted for me until 2012 when I was in my late 30′s, still today in 2018 the verbal abuse from my mother still comes forth as often as possible even though I no…



TB Obwoge

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