My 6-Hour Phone Call With A Black Writer Who ‘Hates’ Light Skin Blacks & Africans & Tried To Convince Me People Were Only Nice Because I’m Light Skin

I will never open my life to others as long as I live I promise

TB Obwoge


Thursday, 14 September 2023

By: TB Obwoge

I’m done with meeting people and having conversations with others about myself, my life and my family or lack there of. I love writing and somedays I can’t even bring myself to write even 2 letters to form a single word.

I can’t help that I was born with light skin, none of my parents would have ever been with a white person, that was their choice. The same for all 4 of my grandparents, they didn’t mix race when dating and that was their choice. I do have a white great-grandmother, who was Scottish, her strong genes of red hair lasted for 2–3 generations in my family. I am about 74% African DNA.

I love and hate so much about Africa, never hated Africans. Yes, I hated how I was treated in Ghana and refuse to return to the country I once called home and yes I am writing a book about my experiences in Ghana. I hated how poorly I was treated, better yet how poorly other West Africans and Black Africans were treated in Ghana too.

I will never stop talking about the colorism, racism and xenophobia that greeted me daily living in Ghana. It was not even constant racism in America the way it’s constant in Ghana.

I mean non-stop you can’t go even a day without their constant comments or mistreatment because of skin color.

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Medium for me has been a wash of some odd humans, I encountered one woman who is half African and half Black American, yet she seems to hate Black Americans. She doesn’t even seem to think of herself as a Black American, even though America is all she knows.

She oddly wrote that Black American actors should never in life act as Africans, it’s called acting but in her infinite wisdom she thought it was horrible for Black Americans to act in roles as Africans. That would mean no Black Panther unless the entire cast was from Africa.



TB Obwoge

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