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Nigerian Tribune Trolls Sasha Obama While Nigerians Call her ‘Akata’ & Insult Blacks Raised In America

Black Americans can be minding their business and end up getting insulted by their own Black people

TB Obwoge
3 min readSep 8

Friday, 8 September 2023

By: TB Obwoge

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Black Americans (African Americans) swear that there is this Black family super hero thing going on with African and Blacks from America. Just because you call yourself an African doesn’t mean you are one. The definition means born and raised on the African continent, even those born and raised in other countries technically aren’t Africans. But call me stupid for thinking the definition of the word is what it is.

Hell in Africa most Black Americans are not even considered Black people, yet there are the “Back To Africans” that want to rush to countries that are not even treating their own citizens well. Accra, Ghana is now growing in xenophobia because of the high costs of living and today 80–90% of Ghana was in the dark, even Togo.

I’ve noticed the Nigerian Tribune and Punch News Nigeria are both starting to troll Black Americans and posting them on their social media platforms. It gains a lot of comments and attention from Nigerians, it also gains insults as well.

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I read the news in so many African countries everyday, so much so that I’ve actually started writing less. I have gotten overwhelmed by the violence in the news but also by the hateful comments by Africans. The hate can be directed at anyone no matter what, even other Africans.

Colorism comments, tribalism and the hate speech about Americans is growing. People all over the world are not understanding that the American citizens are not the American government. But that doesn’t stop the hate speech, the sad things is millions still want to relocate to the United States of America. Why?



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