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Opinion: Perhaps Some Cultural Norms Are Disgusting & Vile That Is Why There Is Hatred & Division

Causing your countries visa & Immigration issues which many call racist

TB Obwoge
11 min readDec 13, 2021

*Many refuse to read to the end this was written because many REFUSE to change their cultural thoughts, teachings & ways. I practice a lot of things that are used in Korean culture & Buddhism change is good. In Ghana I have to say an extra greeting that I think is too much & really used to annoy me BUT it is not rude so I do it. People need to change if it adds kindness. We know many western immigration laws against Black & Brown countries are racist however there are more cultural norms that I don’t even have time to go over that are pretty brutal. Some people refuse to change yet they think immigrating to a wealthier country is the answer it is not.*

Early Saturday morning, I felt something paining my back, the room was hot, the air conditioner was off. I often switch it off with the remote as I sleep. It’s above the bed in the wall, the motor of it is outside of the apartment, much different from the window units used in the United States.

I rolled over to feel for what was disturbing my back, only to find my Samsung phone damn near glued to me. In Ghana I use three different phones, a very old iPhone, a small outdated phone made in China I barely understand how to use. The this red Samsung A10 something or other Android with 2 sim cards. I have many Sim cards one for South Korea, a few for Kenya and I can’t even remember how many for Ghana.

I use a Sim card for my Wifi which is a mini router I carry in my pocket to use the internet where ever I go, I connect many devices to that thing it can be used in several countries.

When I opened the phone to WhatsApp I see a message from a Chief in the Tumu area (thats the Upper West of Ghana), in the photo there are 2 young men carrying dead dogs tied around their necks. I winced after seeing the photo I quickly made sure to delete it, I was so angry. I took my time to calm down it was horrible. It wasn’t the first time though, I’ve been sent or shown photos or videos of abuse or violence to animals and/or children.



TB Obwoge

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