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Popular Povvo Indian-British TikTok Teacher Uses Skin Lightening Feature Since Becoming Popular

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TB Obwoge
2 min readJun 8

Thursday, 8 June 2023

By: TB Obwoge

I felt this was an interesting page to follow, until he started getting famous and decided his skin was too dark. He uses a filter on his face that now makes his beard appear to be moving, the worst part is it’s a skin lightening filter.

The filter wasn’t used in some of his earlier videos and it makes me wonder if he thinks his skin is too dark for his new found fame. Of course I asked him about using the filter and of course he’s not replying.

Collage created by the Author Screenshots from his TikTok account

He rose to fame from posting povvo videos showing some rich TikTok’er wasting money and showing off the dumbest ways in which they spend their money. It was very funny and always will be, but his skin lightening filter is beyond creepy.

The hairs of his beard appear to move like bugs and it’s much better seeing his natural skin color. Some people claimed it’s the light but the light doesn’t alter your face, making it appear as an AI.

It was fun wile it lasted but it’s run it’s course. It is much like the Medium writer that is pro-Black to Africa that uses an AI filter then darkened it to make themself appear to be Black when they didn’t look like a Black person.

People should be who they are when it comes to their skin shade, sadly it’s 2023 and colorism and racism are not going any where.

Screenshot from TikTok

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