Prayer works even if you don’t believe in G*d….

TB Obwoge
7 min readFeb 23, 2021
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So many judgement filled folks will not even read this article beyond it’s title. Some people have and always will be the speakers for what God wants people to do, live like, be like and damned to Hell for. Because of course he speaks through them & them only. Facts are that the Bible was written one hundred years after Jesus walked the earth. The Bible was written by men, these are facts, the Bible also was translated into thousands of languages. Anyone who speaks more than two languages knows (75% of Americans only speak 1 language, 75% of the world outside of America speaks 2 or more languages), anyone who speaks multiple languages knows that there is something lost in translation. Like this is an actual fact before it became a popular saying, this isn’t made up wives tales. However let us remember from the last four years in America, facts no longer mean anything, no matter what political party you are on (I’m not for one at all), this isn’t anything new in America either. People who don’t consider themselves racists, frankly might not even be, think that Black Americans don’t deserve to be paid their owed reparations. These same people though don’t seem to care about the billons of dollars the United States gives to Israel, or the millions Obama gave to French Jews as reparations during his stint in the big chair at the White House. Facts basically mean nothing so, starting there, everyone believers in God as well as non-believers have their some facts (not really) or things they hold as facts for the existence or existence of a God, a supreme, all knowing, all powerful God that is in control of everything. Atheists say that because their are horrid acts, death, murder, rape, cruelty, starvation and other forms of suffering it proves that there is no God. The believers say things like, “God picks the prettiest flowers”! When a young child or person dies or is killed, they use many things as facts to support God. Science on the other hand proves what it has to prove as far as how old the earth is, or how it was created. Then historians have their facts that say the name Jesus is only about 4–500 years old, or that the skin color of Jesus (if he indeed did exist would NOT be white), or other things they find, such as saying that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Hell many Catholics refuse to believe Mary & Joseph had other children, that the Mother Mary the…

TB Obwoge

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