Prince William Blames Africa’s Population Growth Instead Of China & Whites For Endangered Species In Africa

TB Obwoge
5 min readNov 24, 2021
Screenshot from a Facebook Hunting Group

So here we go again Prince William another royal decided to open his racist ass colonizer voice to attack Africa. Anyone who has ever lived in an African country knows that they are unusually filled with Chinese citizens that have taken over many African countries. China is hoping that all the loan money they have flushed into African countries will lead to defaults. That way they don’t have to buy up all the land which is also what the Chinese government is doing. Of course yes many greedy African presidents should stop selling their countries rich land to China.

As well as letting China build upon the infrastructure, deals made with China always benefit China instead of the African countries. Example Kenyan president has made several ill thought-out deals with China for road construction, China took the deal yet employed zero Kenyans, bringing in their own Chinese citizens to do the work. Most roads were never finished as they were poorly planned & designed to go through entire villages or homes owned by Kenyans. So most roads were never completed, Chinese men impregnate African women in large numbers yet never take part in the care or raising of them.

These mothers are left to feed, clothe & raise these children on their own, many are unable to identify the Chinese fathers. Aside from the abandoned children, the land grabbing they (China) hunts & kills many species of wildlife throughout Africa, as they consume many for eating or healing purposes. For example the rhino is being hunted by Chinese for its tusk even though it has been proven by Chinese scientists to have no curative uses against cancer or any other deceases. Theres a long list of delicacies such as cows lung, goose stomachs, fish lips, goat’s feet tendons, shark’s stomach soup, chicken-feet soup, monkey’s head, ox forehead, turtle casserole, pigeon brain, deer ligament and snake venom, lily bulbs with deer’s penis.

The Chinese considered many foods eaten by non-Chinese to be strange such as plain steak. They also think eating cheese or butter as disgusting. However they also consume much of the animals found along Kenya & Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley. Paying large bribes to Kenyans to provide them guidance through safari to…

TB Obwoge

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