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Some Black Americans Flock To African Culture — I’m Here To Praise The F*ck Out Of Black American Culture

Many are encouraging others to return to Africa, when Black Americans have their own culture

TB Obwoge
11 min readJan 4, 2022

By: TB Obwoge

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I lose focus easily I have been holding this within my Black SOUL since my first trip to the ‘Mother Land’. I can’t contain my MF’en Black American PRIDE! Black Americans have a culture that is enriched, engrained, it is so special, so wonderful it is magic, it is so beautiful!

Lately many ‘African Americans’ (I don’t use the term for myself or address anyone with it)Black people are wanting to embrace only African culture, clothing, things and life! When I first went to Kenya I was in love at first sight, my husband whom is Kenyan (has never ever been outside of Kenya in his life to this day) prepared me for the fact that I would be called a ‘mzungu’ (white person).

He also told me when I went to his village in Kisii that no one would listen to me when I said I was a Black person.

He said that I would be laughed at when/if I was to tell someone that I was indeed a Black person. He was right but in the village I didn’t speak his mother tongue so I don’t know the Kikisii word for ‘white person’ nor would I know it by sound.

Any way Bwakire buya if you know it you can drop it in the comments, also nasty comments on this will get ignored I’m sick of your shit by the way!

The banned children with dreadlocks that are actually Rastafarian’s but many schools in many African countries ban dreadlocks as well.



TB Obwoge

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