The Rain In Africa Is Even More Impressive

Things in Africa are bigger than life. Bigger than any place I’ve ever been, you will want to stand outside for a brief moment to see the rain if you aren’t too intimidated

TB Obwoge
4 min readMay 14, 2022


Authors GIf Rainy Day

My first trip to Africa was during Kenya’s impressive rainy season. Nairobi had seen over 2 feet of water in the days prior to my arrival. The memes Kenyans make are “rib cracking” (as they say it) memes. You will laugh until tears are running down your face. Many memes take aim at their current sitting president. One post wasn’t a meme though, it was a viral video of a man helping his wife get to work without her feet touching the flood waters.

In this video a man can be seen placing one chair in front of another, as the women stepped from chair to chair. The man himself was knee deep in water. He did this while people snapped photos and videos of him. His face said it all though. She gently stepped from one chair to another.

Other men used food carts to ride people across flooded streets for a few bob. That is what you call change in Kenya. It is less than a shilling.

My first time being caught in a downpour of rain in Kenya I was soaked down to my panties within less than a minute. The rain seemed to fall in buckets like, instead of drops. Surely one would rather be inside when rain starts there.

Ghana is much of the same. Once I wanted to make a quick trip just halfway down my road to the local shop. I was warned sternly to stay inside because the rain was coming. I said I would be quick, he went from texting to a phone call. He said again, “Don’t you dare go outside, things fly here when it rains!” He was right too, things did fly once the rain started, I saw someones plastic chair go first, then something from a rooftop near by was next.

Today May 14, 2022 was no different, Accra awoke to rain falling hard, fast and loud. Last count as of 2019 only 27% of the roads in Ghana are paved. So when it rains unpaved roads become unpassable. My road which is unpaved with deep, large stones embedded into it is usually a mess. Cars can barely make…



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