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‘The Slap’ Ignore It Like You Ignore Women Being Brutalized Daily

Women and girls no one really cares about us!

TB Obwoge
4 min readMar 30, 2022

With a Gender Equality nonprofit, that I use my own funds for in Africa & the US I’ve found that no one really cares. Especially men they don’t care about rape, child abuse, sanitary napkins, schooling issues, teen pregnancies, Black, Brown, Hebrew, Muslim lives, poverty, forced polygamy, gender based violence. So it’s no wonder these issues get ignored, therefore ignore that slap the way you ignore women everyday!

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Quick and simple there are many issues that face women no matter their skin color, race or religion and yes it is more difficult for those whom are Black, Brown, Hebrew, Muslim as well as Southeast Asian & Asian. Rape around the world is out of control. Women in many countries have reported being sexually assaulted at one time in their lives.

When I say ‘sexual assault’, I’m not always saying they were raped, women and girls sadly most will be in some way or form receive unwanted sexual touching. Being born a female in this world is very dangerous. Frustrating to think that one day your baby girl will be violated. A recent report in the UK was alarming, many women and girls reported being sexually assaulted in their lives. This report is the same as many in the US, there is little data on rape in Africa.

Rape is used as a joke all over the world, it is rarely prosecuted in America only 1 in 1000 rapists sees jail time, stats from NOVA (Network of Victims Assistance) Also according to their statistics 40% of those who join the US military will be raped, no matter their gender.

Let me not get started on rape in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia sex tourism where White men from all over the world go to have sex with children.

I can remember being in high school, I was at a party, a group of boys (found out later they were men 25 years old) walked into the basement where many were dancing. I was standing near a wall with another person we were talking. This large man walked threw, looked at me then grabbed my breast gave it a hard squeeze and kept walking. What was I to do? He was large, I remember looking up towards him, I couldn’t…



TB Obwoge

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