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TikTok Floods My African Account With Pro-Russia & China Crap & Western Humiliation Videos

The propaganda is infuriating and only after 15 minutes on the new account

TB Obwoge
2 min readJun 9

Friday, 9 June 2023

By: TB Obwoge

I created a second TikTok account, using my second phone with a Ghana Sim card. I had to manually change from the country code 233, the a US number. I wanted TikTok to understand that I was not in Africa at the time, hoping to see the type of videos that would be sent to an American.

My first TikTok account has been giving me mixed content, I have to search for American influencers as that is also registered with a Ghana phone number.

This time I am not in an African country, I thought surely TikTok knows my location, which I refused to share with the app. I was checking to see how much of my information they could collect without permission. I thought using an American number would help, it didn’t.

Screenshot from TikTok

You can read the longer article I wrote and posted on my Vocal account, here.

I found it odd that there were so many videos making fun of the American military, promoting how beautiful Russia and China are as countries. The propaganda was thick and it’s no wonder so many Africans admire Russia and China but why do so many not immigrate to those countries?

We all know the answers to this, please read the article if you’d like to see other examples of how they feed Africans with propaganda.

Screenshot from TikTok

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