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TikTok Thread On Colorism Is Very Angering

I ended up on a thread of posts about colorism/colourism and it was very infuriating

TB Obwoge
4 min readAug 13, 2022

The original poster invited people to give examples of colorism without outright saying it was colorism. The original poster was a light skin Black woman, the majority of women replying were dark skin Black women. What most of the darker skin women gave were all examples of lighter skin women bullying them for their dark skin and calling them ‘nappy headed’.

Authors Photo (ME and my COUSIN, my cousin’s grandmother & my grandmother are SISTERS we ARE from the same family her mother is LIGHTER than ME, AFRICANS ASKED ME WHY IS SHE BLACK AND NOT WHITE)

This is where I got angry almost all the darker women seemed to describe light skin women as if they were all mixed race. This is like life in Africa, these Black women were mostly Americans. Oddly most of the videos I watched the darker ladies seemed too list insults that all included hair insults, as if light skin Black women had different hair textures. As if light skin women aren’t Black or something. Growing up I’ve seen and used perms hot combs to straighten my hair too, once my mom shaved it off because her comb broke in my hair.

So now light skin Black women don’t have hair texture of other Blacks?

Tik Tokers went as far as insulting a man that is Pro-Black of NOT actually being Pro-Black because his wife’s skin is ‘too light’. Watch the video below as people questioned the race of his wife. Why are light skin Black people now considered NOT BLACK by other Blacks in America? What drugs are people starting to take?

This made me confused, I mean so now light skin women don’t have the same hair as darker women?

I don’t remember ever caring about skin complexion growing up, or better yet ever thinking someone was ugly for any skin color. I do remember that I was insulted a lot growing up, for being light, for being fat and for ‘acting like a boy’. All things I still deal with today.



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