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Time to talk about popular podcasters Shxts N Gigs bashing women

It’s all done in the name of comedy but is it really?

TB Obwoge
4 min readApr 9

Sunday, 9 April 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Shxts N Gigs are British, Black men, who are podcasters. Fuhad (the darker man) and James (the lighter) have gained millions of followers.

It’s all fun and games, these two men are favorites to millions of people. However it’s time to point out that they’re becoming more and more toxic. The bashing of women is getting to be what gains them the most likes, laughs and shares, so for money they’re going in on women.

The fact that they were once laughing with us about random posts found on Twitter, to now bashing women more often than not.

Screenshot from TikTok Video

#1 These 2 men comb social media and choose which posts to use. These are mainly posts from Twitter. This one which calls women ‘bitches’ was their choice, without any thought that the man used the word bitch, it was chosen for their laugh and mocking session. (which is what these rants are starting to look like)

More often they’re mocking, laughing & name calling women, while promoting cheating. One follower on their account pointed out that when a woman cheats, she’s called names and bashed by the pair.

Property of Lacey’s House

#2 These two men appear to be ashamed of sharing affection from one another. When James shows or says anything affectionate or jealous towards Fuhad they scream “jokes”, which seems to becoming more like the “no homo” code word.

People have made fun of James often for things he’s said that show affection towards Fuhad. Written here in a article about colorism and emasculating lighter skin Black men.

Screenshot from TikTok Video

#3 Calling women “whores” is becoming more popular on the podcast, yet men cheating is a badge of honor. Is this a cultural…



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