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U.S. Invites African Dictators But Not Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan & Eritrea — America’s Hypocrisy

The audacity of the American government shows no shame

TB Obwoge
5 min readDec 13, 2022


Monday, 12 December 2022

By: TB Obwoge

As the United States is claiming these 4 countries aren’t showing democracy yet Paul Biya the 40 year long standing President of Cameroon, along with Yoweri Museveni the 36 year president of Uganda. Paul Kagame of Rwanda in power 21 years were all invited. Along with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed despite many accusing him of severe human rights violations against the people of Tigray.

Wiki Commons Photos Public Domain [Author Cropped and Created Collage] Right Paul Biya Left Yoweri Museveni

Despite Ugandans cries that they’ve not had free and fair elections under the leadership of Museveni, the US still backs his government. All along while his tweeting son threatens peace in the East African region and praises Putin.

Four countries that were suspended from the African Union — Guinea, Sudan, Mali and Burkina Faso — were not invited to the summit because coups in those nations led to unconstitutional changes in power. The White House also did not invite the East African nation of Eritrea; Washington does not have full diplomatic relations with the country.

Biden’s decision to invite several leaders to the summit who have questionable records on human rights and democracy is looming large ahead of the gathering.

Equatorial Guinea was invited despite the State Department stating that it held “serious doubts” about last month’s election in the tiny Central African nation. Opposition parties “made credible allegations of significant election-related irregularities, including documented instances of fraud…



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