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Video Of Namibian Cop Beating Pregnant Girlfriend; Men’s Comments Bashed The Women

The comments from the men were typical and hateful

TB Obwoge
3 min readNov 1, 2023


Wednesday, 1 November 2023

By: TB Obwoge

As I was reading the morning news, I came upon the 2 Namibian news papers I read Monday through Friday.

I saw a video, the video grabbed my attention because it was a man pulling a woman’s hair as she screamed. There is another woman in the video and she’s trying to get the woman from the man’s grips.

There was a fight for the women to try to get the woman freed from his hands. He’s pulling her hair, hitting her and then throws her to the ground. She’s identified as being pregnant, the man is identified as being a police officer.

These are the words that were over the video;

UNDER INVESTIGATION … Namibian Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi says the police are investigating a case of a Windhoek-based police reservist, Valentino Endjala, who was seen violently manhandling his allegedly pregnant girlfriend in a video that has gone viral.

Video: Contributed

Source: The Namibian



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