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Why Are Women Always Attacked; Man Claims Hilda Baci Promotes Nudity Because She Wears Swim Suits

I thought his post was just a joke but he’s serious he wants her removed from Guinness Book

TB Obwoge
4 min readJun 6

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

By: TB Obwoge

I was posting my morning news papers, when I got to Nigeria I saw his post. I thought he was just being a smart ass and trying to make people laugh. After getting to the end of his rant, he’s angry because Baci wore a bikini in hotel photos and claims she’s immoral.

He’s calling for her to be removed from the Guinness Book for wearing a swim suit and posting photos of it on social media.

Comr James Daniels

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I’d ask Guinness World Record to withdraw or withhold Hilda Baci’s Award for Núdity

In my days as a Child

Nàkedness was an Eyesore and an àbomination

Parents guided against it

Single Ladies tried hard to appear responsible

Children were shy to be seen nàked

But these days

Nàkedness has become an adorable outfit and has changed our World to a negative shape

I was one of the Persons who praised Hilda so far as the cooking went on

But going through her page (both the fake ones), I saw her promoting nudity

We are yet to deal with those who don’t know how to Cook, Lazy Women, those turning Lesbiàn and so many challenges, it is of no use to encourage nudity from a person of her kind who is a supposed role model in the present day

Immoràlity in increase has nothing to do with Religion

I know people would say it’s a choice of Life

But check yourself very well

Is that choice of Life a normal one?

I know

We all have internal and secret lives which if…



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