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Women aren’t safe with men: wife murdered & another man tortured niece to death

Nothing will change because it’s just women & girls who!

TB Obwoge
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Thursday, 13 April 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Overnight in Cameroon a man died from his self-inflicted knife wound after killing his wife. He accused her of cheating, then took her life, tried to take his own but later died in a hospital ICU.

Another man smoked drugs, then died his niece to a tree where he tortured her all night long. No one came to her aide.

In another unrelated case a man killed a woman and 6 of her family members. Which included her children and her cousin, he took his own life while in police custody.

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Cameroon: Man kills wife, attempts suicide in Mokolo

Mentchum Wambo, a teacher at the Mokolo High School has been killed by her husband in Mokolo, a town in the Far North Region of Cameroon.

“The Principal of the bilingual high school of Mokolo informs the educational community and public opinion of the murder of Mrs. Mentchum Wambo, PCT teacher in service at the bilingual high school of Mokolo by her husband on Wednesday, April 12, 2023,” the note read.

The school head went on to attribute the tragic incident to a dispute between the couple.

In the course of the dispute, the husband “slit the wife’s throat before stabbing himself.”

He was later taken to Maroua for treatment. He died later from his injuries.

Source: mimimefoinfosNews Cameroon

Cameroon: Man on the run after torturing 12-year-old niece to death

“He tied up the child here on a tree in the night, tortured her, heated a machete in the fire and used it on her while smoking marijuana,” a source in the area told the press.



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