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Women Get No Respect Here!

Gender equality is taking a backseat in many countries Africa & the United States of America

TB Obwoge
7 min readJan 5, 2021

Monday, 4 January 2021

By: TB Obwoge

In any African or Asian country you maybe thirsty, or you want something to snack on while sitting in the longest traffic jam you’ve ever seen in your life. What do you do?

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More than likely the person selling things along the roadside is a woman or young girl. She’s carrying more than enough upon her head to satisfy your every need while waiting for that light to change. She has to be quick enough to get to you & return the exact change, if you haven’t given her the exact amount.

It’s not as easy as it looks, I’ve tried in the privacy of my room, I currently call home in Ghana. I keep looking down, or don’t stand exactly straight, or I’m feeling uncomfortable & incapable. Besides being the cooks & the sellers on the street they’re the home makers, the people that bring forth life to everyone.

I was recently informed by an African young man, that the baby/child belongs to the male as he says it was man that placed the baby within the women. I laughed as basic biology the eggs were placed inside the women before she was born. Yes it is the man that fertilizes the egg bringing forth life.

This phenomenon alone should gain women the utmost respect in the world. However here in Africa as well as recently seen in America with the election of 2016, that saw Hillary Clinton running for president of the United States. During the entire campaign Trump’s supporters & some women made the most misogynistic, sexist and hateful.

Making up slogans that read; “Lock the Bitch up!” No matter what anyone felt or feels about Mrs. Clinton attacking the entire female gender had nothing to do with those feelings.

They had everything to do with the way woman aren’t taken seriously in the world especially in politics.

Recently in Kenya there was news footage of a female politician being beaten by police, then dragged out of a building. Once another female…



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