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You Can’t Call Someone From The Past Racist Comparing Them To Todays Racists

This is the logic of a Medium writer that blocked me

TB Obwoge
3 min readOct 1, 2022
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Her entire rant consisted of ‘Everyone was racist back then because it was normal!’ Wait what? So owning slaves wasn’t a bad thing because everyone was doing it. This is the same narrative I’ve heard from White teachers teaching about enslaved Africans in America. One teacher said to a Black student slavery wasn’t bad because it was normal back then, the girl cried and the teacher didn’t understand why.

Screenshot From My Responses

According to this writer it was alright to be racist back then because it was normal. Everyone was doing it so it was normal for the time! She wasn’t the writer whom I was commenting under her article, she was replying to my comment. She blocked me before I could read her second reply.

According to her than those who were part of the Nazi SS who are being prosecuted and they’re in their late 80’s and 90’s they should be ignored. Because it was normal for them to be members of the Nazis party? I mean teens were recruited and it was the thing at the time.

If Nazis in their 90s won’t serve much time, why prosecute? To shame them.Public exposure and humiliation is a form of criminal punishment that focuses on restoring the moral status of the victims

Irmgard Furchner was scheduled to go on trial in Germany last Thursday on charges she contributed to the murders of 11,412 people when she was a typist at the Nazis’ Stutthof concentration camp. But Furchner, who is 96, didn’t show up. She fled her retirement home that morning in a taxi, which dropped her off at a subway station. “I want to spare myself these embarrassments and don’t want to make myself the laughingstock of humanity,” she had told the judge in a letter two weeks earlier, informing him that she would not appear and citing her “advanced age and physical impediments.”

Source: Washington Post

I wondered if these modern day MAGA’s should be excused for being racists many…



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